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tv   ABC World News With Diane Sawyer  ABC  February 6, 2013 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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and just today, in a sign of how pervasive and how hidden it is, the revelation that america has a secret base in saudi arabia, used to launch drones throughout the region. a tactic against terror which has grown 700% under the obama administration. whatever the benefit of the drone strikes, they have created enormous resentment among some here in the region, who view the strikes as another sign of american arrogance. everywhere i travel, from yemen -- >> i think americans, they have no right. they have no right to -- this is our fight. >> reporter: to pakistan. >> you can keep saying, yes, you are hitting the top leadership, but the byproduct of this is anger, anger among people, the innocent people who are getting killed. so, you are just creating more terrorists. >> reporter: now, the man who signs off on the kill list, from a basement office in the white house, john brennan, about to be
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questioned in front of the world. >> i suggest to you that these targeted strikes against al qaeda terrorists are indeed ethical and just. >> reporter: in pakistan alone, there have been more than 300 drone strikes in the last decade. killing thousands of al qaeda and taliban, but more than 300 civilians, as well. a world away, in remote villages, you can hear them. like a distance, muted chain saw. a dull, but deadly roar. villagers describing it this way -- "the drones are all over my brain. i can't sleep. when they're hovering over us, we're all scared." a reality we seldom see, says stanley mcchrystal, the retired general who once ran the military's drone strike program. >> if the threshold gets too low and we are too casual about it, then we will forget how much
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scar tissue we build up in those countries. >> reporter: general mcchrystal believes that americans should have the opportunity to know more about these secret drone wars, to weigh those benefits and risks. that rare opportunity will occur tomorrow, when john brennan speaks. diane? >> it is going to be a very combustive day. thank you, martha raddatz. and also today, a more trusted part of american life has succumbed to modern times. the postal service announced today that saturday delivery of letters will soon end in august. only packages will come to your door. and abc's ron claiborne tells us about the surprising ways this will affect everyone. >> reporter: a $15 billion budget deficit has done what neither rain nor sleet nor snow could do. >> the choice is either change some of the service or raise prices. and people don't want prices raised. we'll make the changes in service. >> hello. >> how are you today? >> i'm great, thanks.
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>> reporter: lorenzo hudson has been making the rounds in great neck, new york, for more than 20 years. he was featured in a postal service tv commercial that ran during the super bowl pregame show. >> we don't want to see the business go under, because they couldn't get rid of saturday or because they didn't get rid of saturday, but at the same time, i, you know, i want the perfect world. i want us to be able to stay with saturday delivery. >> reporter: in recent years, the volume of first-class mail has plunged as more and more people pay bills online and communicate with e-mail. in response, post offices have been closed, the price of a stamp raised, but nothing has staunched the flow of red ink. ending saturday service could save about $2 billion a year. while it may make financial sense, few other countries even have saturday delivery. >> it's an important job for every man, woman and child in our country. >> reporter: receiving a letter on saturday is an american tradition, dating back to 1863. >> you expect your mail through rain, sleet, snow, bad weather and saturday. >> postal service is part of american history.
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to see them cutting back is kind of, like, upsetting. >> reporter: postal officials point to polls that show that 70% of americans support ending saturday mail service. they say they have no plans to cut back even further. >> it's our intention to continue to deliver the mail five days a week. >> good to see you, as always. >> reporter: also opposed, the postal workers union. and, perhaps no surprise, the greeting card industry. and one thing to keep in mind, post offices like the one behind me will remain open on saturday. parcel service, which is very profitable, will continue on saturday. and could continue even to sunday. though, the postal service says they could have balanced that huge budget gap by raising the price of a first-class stamp, by raising the price of that stamp to, get this, $1.08 for that stamp. that was just not a practical option, diane. >> $1.08 to break even at the post office. okay, thank you, ron. and i love everything you were tweeting me today. one of them in particular
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reminded me, suffering tonight -- "anyone who is getting ready to go raid a camp, any little kid, remembers what it's like to have a day when you can't get mail." and someone wrote me, "not getting mail felt like torture. with e-mail, it's changed." but still, we feel your pain already. and there is another iconic american institution wrestling with change tonight. the boy scouts. we told you they were expected to lift the ban on gay scouts and scout leaders. well, today, a curve ball. push-back from parts of the country. their decision, postponed. what happened? abc's cecilia vega right here to explain. cecilia? >> reporter: diane, good evening. good to see you. the boy scouts of america says it needs more time to decide whether openly gay members can join. but one gay former scout leader we spoke to today says she and her family have waited long enough. jennifer tyrrell was fired as a den leader. told her sexual orientation would be a distraction. >> well, i'm not a distraction.
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alicia's not a distraction. we are moms. and we're americans. >> reporter: that's her son, 8-year-old cruz, in tears, with his two moms. today's news that the scouts will postpone a decision on allowing gays in its ranks, this time, had tyrrell herself fighting tears. >> and i'm not looking forward to having to go home and tell cruz that we have to wait a little bit longer. >> reporter: after last month's announcement that scouts were close to dropping the ban, there was an outpouring of feedback. like that from texas republican governor rick perry, an eagle scout, opposed to the change. >> scouting is about teaching a substantial amount of life lessons. sexuality is not one of them. >> reporter: in a statement today, the scouts say they, "concluded that due to the complexity of this issue, the organization needs time for a more deliberate review of its membership policy." when it comes to the future of an organization more than a century old, division persists. a new poll out today shows a narrow majority of americans
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want the scouts to end its ban on openly gay members. and while 61% of women want to see that ban lifted, fewer than half of men agree. now, time will tell. will the ban on gays end? tyrrell says she'll keep fighting. >> i will never stop fighting for what i know is right. and i will never stop fighting for a better world for my children to live in. >> reporter: so, what's next? the approximately 1,400 voting members of the boy scouts national council will make the decision's at the group's national meeting in may. diane, a lot of eyes watching to see what the decision will be on this one. >> all right, cecilia, thank you so much for your report tonight. and now, someone has broken into the national bank, the federal reserve. a 21st century thief breaking into files, not into metal safes. the mysterious group anonymous has struck again, with a warning -- this is just the beginning. abc's senior justice correspondent pierre thomas tells us who these people are.
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>> reporter: this is public face of anonymous, the shadowy group behind the hacking attack on the federal reserve. which sets monetary policy for the u.s. economy. >> this time, there will be change. or there will be chaos. >> reporter: anonymous is a loosely affiliated network of hackers spread across the globe. during the hack of the fed, anonymous stole the log-in credentials of some 4,000 bankers across the country, allowing the group to potentially disrupt a key emergency communications system. >> citizens of the world. we have seen the erosion of due process. the delusion of constitutional rights. >> reporter: greg house, a former member of anonymous, says expect more attacks on the government. >> all these big bankers and all these big rich people who have caused a lot of the problems we've had for the last few years, are not getting prosecuted. >> reporter: the fbi has had some success against suspected anonymous associates. arresting at least 20, including one arrest heard in the background during this web chat.
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>> fbi! get down right now! >> reporter: but finding and arresting members of anonymous is challenging. for the fbi, each targeted computer network is a crime scene. >> in any computer crime, you want to look for the digital footprints. so, you look to trace the incoming traffic that's attacking the computer and you look to see where the file was exported to. >> reporter: and a big investigative tool? fbi agents posing as hackers and trying to infiltrate anonymous itself. in addition, the anonymous videos are also clues. the video may contain imbedded location information if the hackers do not scrub it out. and the pictures may tell investigators something about the hackers, too. an online game of cat and mouse is under way right now, with an invisible enemy. pierre thomas, abc news, washington. and now we want to tell you about a deadly crash on a highway in georgia today. caused not by snow or ice, but on roads incredibly thick with fog. take a look. this is the interstate shortly after the fiery wreck. fog very thick, so thick, you can barely make out the people standing by their cars.
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but when the fog cleared, this was the scene. more than two dozen vehicles, cars and trucks thrown about the road. four people have died, about a dozen people were taken to hospitals with other injuries. and now, a new twist in the lance armstrong saga, stripped of his medals, confessing to oprah. and tonight, word that criminal charges hang in the balance. it's an abc news exclusive, and abc's neal karlinsky, who first broke this story, tells us what's looming. >> reporter: tonight, abc news has learned lance armstrong -- last seen publicly with his girlfriend and family boarding a plane in hawaii -- is in the cross-hairs of federal criminal investigators. according to a high level source, agents are actively investigating armstrong for obstruction, witness tampering and intimidation, for allegedly threatening people who dared tell the truth about his cheating. a case reignited by his recent confession to oprah. >> i didn't invent the culture. but i didn't try to stop the culture. >> reporter: if charges are
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ultimately filed, the consequences could be severe. >> these are serious potential crimes. you're talking about possible sentences of up to five, ten years, if convicted. >> reporter: and tonight, one more harsh deadline. he must tell all under oath to anti-doping authorities or lose his last chance at reducing his lifetime sporting ban. he is not expected to cooperate. neal karlinsky, abc news, seattle. and still ahead on "world news," something personal that made the tough-talking governor chris christie so angry today. >> completely irresponsible. completely irresponsible. my children saw that last night. >> why the whole country is watching his weight tonight. at a dry cleaner, we replaced people with a machine.
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5:45 pm
>> i'm a physician more than i am a democrat or republican, and i worry about this man dying in office. >> she must be a genius. >> reporter: the governor questioned how dr. mariano could diagnose him from her office in arizona. >> and it's completely irresponsible. my 12-year-old son comes to me last night and says dad, are you going to die? >> hey! bring it, fat boy! >> chris christie said he's not sure if he's going to run for re-election next year. he was like, oh, i'll collapse that bridge when i get to it. >> reporter: the governor's weight has been a constant issue, which he has handled both with humor -- days ago, eating a donut on the set of his chief tormentor, david letterman -- and with humility. here's what he told diane sawyer about his work with a personal trainer. >> what do you say to yourself to psych yourself into it? >> ah, i just look in the mirror, diane. i just go, okay, i got to get healthier. >> reporter: christie, who was slender and athletic as a young man, insists his health is still good. although yesterday, he told reporters -- >> if you talk to anybody in this room that has a struggle with their weight -- >> reporter: he's aware his weight could ultimately become a serious issue. and that he has a plan to deal with it.
5:46 pm
when you look at him, do you think he's a ticking time bomb? >> i think it's really very judgmental to have such a strong conviction when you have no innate knowledge of his level of activity or his level of fitness. >> reporter: but tonight, dr. mariano fired back in a statement, saying, "it is sad that the governor cannot take my advice and instead chose to attack me personally." probably not going to fly with christie, who's now made it very clear that he has no patience for people who speculate about his health before having all the facts. >> until that time, she should shut up. >> reporter: dan harris, abc news, new york. and coming up, our "instant index." we'll tell you what justin bieber is about to do, no one bieberer done before. about to do, no one has ever the one for she's stil you know it even after all these years. but your erectile dysfunction - you know,that could be a question of blood flow. cialis tadalafil for daily use helps you be ready anytime the moment's right.
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citracal slow release. with efficient absorption in one daily dose. hey america, even though they don't need one, wes, clay, and demarcus tried on the depend real fit briefs for charity to prove how great the fit is even while playing pro football. the best protection now looks, fits and feels just like underwear. get a free sample and try one on for yourself. at the top of our "int at the top of our "instant index" tonight, a crushing blow, for some of us, from monopoly tonight. all of us who loved hopping around to park place with that little iron. as you know, fans from as far away as the middle east weighed in on which icon should go, and the iron is out tonight. this cat is in. but we did love the tweet from mike, who said, "when the monopoly guy's tux gets wrinkled, you'll all be sorry." and an update tonight on our abc news family. barbara walters recovering from the chicken pox and that fall. today, she called into her friends on "the view," saying
5:50 pm
she's not quite ready to come back, but soon. >> i hit my head and had six stitches and got, as it turns out, in addition to the chicken pox, we finally found out that's what it was and i had never had it. i've been with somebody, somebody's company, who had the shingles and i got the chicken pox from them. but i also got a concussion. >> and that concussion, barbara says, makes her feel a little weak. bull she's pl but she's planning a return in about three weeks. and here's one of the songs that helped crack a musical ceiling. ♪ baby, baby, baby ♪ oh ♪ baby, baby, baby ♪ no >> justin bieber, nearly a baby himself at 18. well, tonight, he's about to do something no one that young has ever done. five number one albums on billboard before the age of 19.
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and finally in the news tonight, she lives a secretive life. she's the face of a billion dollar breakthrough and she's only 30 years old. abc's abbie boudreau tells us about america's youngest female billionaire. >> reporter: from animal style to a four by four. in-n-out burgers have cult status. with 281 restaurants in five states and 2.9 million facebook fans worldwide. but just like their secret
5:55 pm
ingredient -- what's in that sauce, by the way? much about the burger chain's owner remains a mystery, until now. she's 30-year-old lynsi torres, recently outed as the youngest female billionaire in america. but who is she? >> she is very secretive, as is the company. she's kept this very low profile. >> reporter: in the 2010 documentary, "california gold: in-n-out," the hamburger heiress gives a rare interview, talking about teaching employees the values her grandparents built the company on. >> we started as a very small family, very small company. and you know, i like to bring that family atmosphere. >> reporter: here's the little we do know about torres. she inherited the burger empire at age 30. she's been married three times. a proud mommy of twins. and her unusual hobby? >> you can catch america's youngest female billionaire racing a car as much as 170 miles an hour. >> reporter: as a private company, in-n-out's earnings are a secret, too.
5:56 pm
though some estimates put them at over $600 million a year. perhaps that's why torres could recently spring for this sprawling $17 million estate, complete with seven bedrooms, 16 bathrooms, a golf course and, yes, a gourmet kitchen. a world away from the family kitchen she used to work in. >> you didn't do the potatoes, did you? >> oh, that wasn't my strong point. i liked washing them, but not dicing them. >> reporter: abbie boudreau, abc news, los angeles. >> and we thank you for watching. we are always working for you at and "nightline," of course, will be here later at its new time, 12:35 a.m. eastern. we'll see you right back here again tomorrow night. until then, have a great night.
5:57 pm
developing news in the search for kevin collins tonight the one thing pointing police to a person of interest and his family's reaction. >> we know more about what led to a triple homicide in rural sonoma county. and why investigators do not believe anyone sells in danger. >> a cable car collision injures nearly a dozen pa;. their two inch bolt that caused this accident. >> and the strange contraption you may have seen on the bay. >> this case is a case that haunts the san francisco police department. and has pretty much throughout
5:58 pm
the career of everybody that has been here. >> police reveal new evidence in an investigation you first heard about here on abc 7 news. they've reopened the books and identified a suspect in that 1984 disappear yebs of kevin collins he is a man with a criminal record, including kidnapping that lives in the neighborhood where kevin collins was last seen, police are now calling him wayne jackson but is he known as other aliases, including ferian. >> today police would only say this man is a person of interest, but it's clear judging from what they said and released this person is a prime person of tr. police would like to solve this case to bring closure to the
5:59 pm
family. the police chief is asking for help and released photographs of the man and also some information about his very serious criminal past.3%cúz >> february 10th1984 there has never been a tip we didn't act on. >> the chief said it was difficult investigating the person of interest in this case. >> april 16th jackson arrested under the name wayne jackson in fisherman's wharf area of san francisco for kidnapping and lewd acts n a child. >> he bailed out and never showed up for a court case. police said he used another alias when arrested in canada nine years earlier he was wanted in canada under the name raymond williams stewart for a 1973 incident he allegedly kid mapped and sexual assaulted two juvenile autos he was released and fled


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